Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday evening adventures

After downloading the pictures for today's post, I realized this is a shout-out to my husband: he is the sole visual representative of the family for today.

Last night was a full and adventurous evening: we "organized" our billions of books (or put them in general piles for taking care of today), ate Borscht for dinner, put the garbage out (it seems uneventful, but the pictures below show the fun), and opportunized on the generosity of a sister in our ward who was getting rid of a reclining chair.

About that garbage...since we are still moving in, we have a lot of garbage that piles up each week. Springville allows garbage cans to be overflowing, but they don't take responsibility for "spilled out" garbage, so it is to our advantage to keep the garbage maximum to the level of the lid. So, my adorable husband stomps down the garbage by hanging from a tree. (See pictures below that were, unfortunately, posted in reverse order and taken LAST Tuesday. BTW: the garbage man just came and successfully dumped our garbage out without any spills.)

The borscht Matt and I made was delicious! It is a hearty Russian stew with lots of beets and cabbage and dill, eaten with sour cream. We used our crock pot for the first time and let the soup cook for 10 hours. Unfortunately, now our house smells like it. (I have the windows open to get some fresh air in here today.)

An older lady in our ward, Sister Bennett, had a reclining chair that she wanted to get rid of, so we happily consented to help. We called her and drove to her house (two blocks away) and rang her doorbell. When she saw the car that we proposed to use to carry the chair away, she was reticent to have us even try. But she eventually conceded and helped us tie up the chair to the back of my trunk. After getting a wonderfully quaint tour of her husband's carved wood masterpieces, we headed home with me driving slowly and Matt walking/running in back. We made it home successfully, got the chair in successfully, and now I am sitting on it in our front room.

And, finally, this morning Matt wanted to have a "warm" breakfast. So, right before we sat down to read scriptures, he pulled out some frozen cookies we have and put them in the oven. You will notice that the sun is streaming in the window, thereby clueing the onlooker that the 8:43 on the clock is A.M., not P.M.

As a final thought, here is a scripture taken from Romans (our study for this week): "Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law."

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