Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This past weekend, Matt and I headed up Provo Canyon to Hope Campground for some good 'ol campfire fun. We went with the Sederberg side of the family and met up (unexpectedly but pleasantly surprising!) with Nephi, Matt's old friend. Michael, Matt's brother, needed to go on a mile hike for scouts, so a group of us headed out while the rest stayed behind to start the fire. On our hike, we discovered beautiful aspen trees, a bit of trash, piles of wood (purportedly left by land beavers...), trees to climb, and a limb that was perfect for limbo! Here Maria shows us her talent:

Then we went back and gathered around the campfire for hot dogs and smores. I'm not going to lie: I ate 3 hot dogs. Yup, 3. I downed them with pretty good speed, too. While around the fire, we played various games that kept us laughing.

After our campfire fun, we headed back to our house with Maria, Ang, and Michael to have a sleepover. We all were drenched with smoke, so we took showers and didn't get to bed until after midnight. On Saturday morning we had a waffle breakfast with all the fixin's. After we took the troupe home, Matt proceeded to pick the rest of the garden that was left by the previous tenants of our duplex. He found some peppers that looked small and innocent--they almost looked like green peppers that hadn't matured yet. He was curious about their hotness and so took a small bite of one. I could guess the hotness of the pepper when Matt immediately started jumping, stuffed a bagel in his mouth, and went to the fridge to grab a piece of bread. His lips burned the rest of the night. We're not sure what kind of pepper it was, but it was hot.

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Maria said...

My graduate adviser has a pepper fetish and sometimes grows his own. I bet he could figure out what kind of innocuous pepper you had growing in your yard!