Saturday, October 20, 2007

New Eritrea


I've been away from Trish the past week at a conference for industrial designers in San Francisco. It's been great to reconnect in the evenings with my cousin Sandra, her husband Justin, and their hearty three-year-old, Carter, who were kind enough to put me up.

Tonight we went to an Eritrean (African) restaurant. I had never heard of Eritrea, turns out it is a country in eastern Africa that gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993. 5 million people, about the size of Pennsylvania.

The food was interesting--and spicy. We had a platter of beef, lamb, and chicken that we ate without silverware by tearing off a part of a sourdough crepe and using it to pinch off some meat. We agreed that likely this was more meat than these Africans got in a month, but it was tasty!


Maria said...

Mmmm, reminds me of eating in Morocco, but probably more sanitary. Crepe-like breads are a big thing in northern Africa.

becka said...

Sounds tasty!

Brynn said...

Yea!!!!I am glad to have another blogger buddy. I love the gardening.. GO Trisha!!!!