Wednesday, February 18, 2009

writing instrument choice

For some reason, I cannot be content with a pen for very long. I fall in love with one and think it will last me a lifetime--until I find another one I just happen to like better. Take, for instance, the pens in the above picture, from left to right:

  • The red (a favorite color!) gel pen was great--until I didn't like its thick line.
  • The thinner red uniball pen seemed to be a better option--until I didn't like it bleeding through the pages.
  • The brown gel pen was fabulous for our wedding, and I still like to use it for various crafts. But it is too wide and "wet."
  • The TUL pen was something my friend Crystal introduced to me. I have loved it for the last two years, but recently, I don't think the ink line is substantial enough for some writing purposes.
  • The BYU Romney Institute pen on the far right is a current winner--but only on the big yellow notepad I use for making notes while preparing class lessons. I do NOT like using it to write on anything else.

Now, I may be picky about my pens (and a bit capricious), but I have always loved the wooden pencil. I used a mechanical pencil in high school for math problems, but I simply LOVE the feel and unique writing results of the wooden pencil.

the sun came out

first signs of spring

It took my sisters visiting me to point out that flowers were blooming in my front yard. (Yes, I've been a bit busy lately.) As northern travelers found themselves in daunting winter weather, these little yellow crocuses protected themselves by staying staunchly shut through the cold and gloom of yesterday.

What a wonderful surprise in the middle of February! The flowers' bright yellow and diligence in the cold have given me a bit of happy energy to move forward through the next month or so.

And I will be sure to post a shot of them open--when the sun comes out.