Thursday, October 4, 2007


Last night Matt and I began the pleasant task of writing thank you's to all those who gave us gifts for our wedding. In the process of opening gifts, we were touched by so many people's generosity, but going back to review that generosity was a sweet experience. (Plus we found some gift cards we didn't realize we had...) THANK YOU to all those who were magnanimous in their support of our marriage! We are off to an EXCELLENT start due to your open hearts. (Please notice the lovely pillows to my side that we received as a fabulous accent to the couch we also generously received.)

Lest you think I might not be carrying my load in this relationship (since Matt is in all the previous pictures), please take note of the weeding I did yesterday in the front of our home. The little plot was covered with weeds, and it took me no less than an HOUR to dig them out (most of them had intricate root systems that required a fair amount of digging to get them out completely). Today I plan to get bulbs so we will have flowers in the spring.

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