Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today I finished the project I started in the front dirt plot (see a few entries ago were I weeded the area): I planted bulbs! This is my first experience so I was perhaps obsessive compulsive about the instructions (I measured every hole and width from bulb to bulb), but I was so pleased to put in some work that (hopefully) will result in some beautiful spring flowers.

I chose the following:

Daffoldils: These little guys (I bought the smaller kind) make me so happy when they start poking out of the ground! I believe they will come up "early" spring.

Chionodoxo luciliae: I picked these purely for how they looked on the package. They will bloom in the assorted colors of purple, pink, and white. They're cute little guys (I think). They should come up "very early" spring.

Hyacinth: I chose these because deer don't eat them. (It turns out that in the middle of the block we live in is a little "forest" (a wilderness, if you will) that is occupied by a group of deer.) These beautiful guys should come out "late" spring.

So, I should have a symphony going on come spring. I'll be excited to post pictures of the REAL flowers in my yard next spring!

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