Friday, October 5, 2007

'twas the fourth of October

'Twas the fourth of October and all through the city,
Many people were stirring--they were all very busy.

Many people took advantage of the beautifully crisp air,
To spend a bit of time to make their yards look rather fair.

And in the city center, people hurried to and fro',
Making purchases in preparation for the season's upcoming snow.

The construction workers toiled in the heat of the day
As busy car drivers honked for the right of way.

And just outside the city were fields of golden pumpkins,
Harkening my memory to days of trick-or-treatin'.

I drove to the WalMart to buy some gift card treasures,
But the day was just so beautiful, I took in the outside pleasures.

When outside my window there arose such a building,
I focused my attention on the scenery unfolding.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a Wendy's and Gandolpho's--and both were so very near!

All the sudden in my mind, I could appreciate this place,
(Even more than before), and I felt a big smile grow on my face.

And so you have the story of me driving to WalMart in Springville and encountering two places that I love to eat at! It harked back to memories of wandering through streets in Santiago, Chile just to see if--instead of the ubiquitous McDonald's--there was a Wendy's to quench my cravings. The incident in Springville seemed to add icing on the cake of the day (as it were), and I immediately thought of the words from the poem Twas the Night Before Christmas that say, "When what to my wondering eyes should appear..." So I started constructing this poem in my mind. I suppose it lacks climax, or at least disappoints in that regard, but I decided to keep it true to the source of inspiration.

In a different strain, I didn't realize being a "homemaker" required as much manual labor as I have encountered. A lot of our furniture has required me to put it together, and I am familiarizing myself with the intricacies of wood-working. I put together a 6-shelf bookcase, a drying rack, a shoe rack, a closet organizer with four shelves, and (just this morning!) a bench and a table. I am appreciating the plethora of tools Matt has available.


Dad said...

Wendys and Gandolphos, eh? Not bad, not bad, Trish! My fav is the Homestyle Chicken Filet Sandwich @ Wendys.


becka said...

Happy one month anniversary tomorrow. Cute pictures!