Wednesday, October 24, 2007

discovering Springville

This morning was one of discovery. Our neighborhood sits quite close to the mountains of Springville, and I wanted to see how to get up to them (if possible) from the neighborhood. So I took a 30-minute walk around my neighborhood. I followed a route that covered a good chunk of the neighborhood, but I didn't see any feasible place to get up to the mountain, even though people's backyards WERE the mountain. (Jealous.)

So I came back and used my googling skills to see what I might find online. I found out that if I head in a more northern direction, I have a good chance of connecting with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail--up in the mountains! On the map below, I've mapped out my proposed route tomorrow morning.

I will try to take pictures when I go so you can see what it looks like. :) AND Matt and I are interested in either hiking around here or up Hobble Creek Canyon on Saturday, so more pictures are sure to follow.

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