Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I am dedicating this post to Bob, one of the students I tutor. He is from Malawi, Africa, and arrived in Utah at the end of August to study English at UVSC before taking regular courses. The beginning was rough for him, but he survived the first term: he was passing all four of his classes! However, in each class he had a glaring weakness: he is horrible at taking tests.

So, we've been tackling that problem together by taking practice tests, learning the material in and out, using testing strategies, and finding patterns to be able to remember in a crunch. The result? After scoring a 60% on his first test in Listening and Speaking, Bob got a 95%! And, after failing his first two grammar tests, Bob got an 86%!!! I was so happy for him I was screeching--and we were studying in the public library. (So much for decorum...)

Here's to Bob, who has worked hard and stayed focused and is now beginning to see the fruits of his efforts.

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