Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Thanks to all of Trish's work in assembling our dining set and directing the couch delivery men in the right direction, we decided our house is finally put together enough to entertain friends.

This happened with perfect timing, since some of my favorite college roommates happened to be in town. So we invited Joe, Tim, and Tristan over, and met Tim's neat wife Rachel for the first time. Maria and Amanda were also there.

So here's a picture of the Tim and Joe talent show. Unfortunately, the camera was still on night setting from my jump roping escapade that morning.

But the MOST important event yesterday: we had our one month anniversary! Here's a picture of Trish all dressed up for me when I came home, making one of our favorite dishes: chicken divan. Unfortunately, you can't see that Trish is wearing a skirt that is one of my favorites. However, she is (deliberately) wearing earrings I bought her in San Diego. I know they're not the neatest earrings ever, but she made me feel like I was a really appreciated gift giver.

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quil said...

Matt--nice pic. I've always looked better with the soft lense. In fact, I think you have it just about right: so soft and fuzzy you can't tell the difference between me and Matt Leinart. Thanks for having us over. I want your crawlspace.