Thursday, October 25, 2007


Just as I wrote I would do yesterday, I discovered a way to connect to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail within close proximity of our house. But there is an adventure that goes with it.

First, when I got to the end of the road, there were these buckets with "No Trespassing" and "Warning" signs on them. I hesitated, because it looked like there was a trail leading off of them, but I decided I better not risk it.
But just as I turned around, a nice man who lives on the corner and was mowing his lawn, came over and asked if I had turned around because of the signs. When I answered yes, he told me there was no problem with me going up as a walker or a biker or a horse-rider; the signs were to deter motorized vehicles and druggies. So, I turned around and headed up the mountain. I headed for that crevice in the mountain in the picture below.
And it turns out there was a trail to the right of the crevice! So I headed down it. It was narrow and on the top line of the hill, as you can (kind of) see below.
It afforded a FANTASTIC view!
But I could see a trail below and didn't any connecting trails, so I made a trail of my own through this grass (the view is at the bottom looking up to where I had come down from)
and I made it to the clearly marked trail. I followed it for a while, then turned around, headed back, and was met again by the nice man who told me about how he had helped the BLM dig out the trail. He also told me of various rocks I should try and see by following the trail toward Provo. They are rocks that came down in rock slides and made the news.

And so the adventure must continue...


Matthew Sederberg said...

Trish, neat pictures! I'm a bit jealous, as my scenery here at the office today has been rather pedestrian. I'll be excited to accompany you on one of these adventures soon...

Rebecca said...

What does BLM stand for?

Tricia said...

Bureau of Land Management :-)