Tuesday, October 2, 2007

tuna fish

Our first blog post is on the theme of tuna fish. Today at lunch I had the opportunity to decide between eating last night's leftovers of Mexican food (which Matt loves) or eating a tuna-fish sandwich (which Matt hates). Wanting to develop long-term marital habits that would invite happiness, I chose the latter. It was delicious!

Here are some pictures of other goings-on in the Sederberg household last week, including the first snowfall of the season, catching a bug for Angie's bug collection, and the mess that is our apartment as we sort out our "stuff":

This is our dishwasher. :)

And this is us relaxing at night on our bed.


Maria said...

your dishwasher is a lot better-looking than mine. And mine only washes dishes, it's not good for anything else. Good work!

Dad said...

Nice job on the weeding, Trish!! Looks like I taught you well :-).

You should grow some 'maters and other vegetables of your choice in that area east of the driveway, also.