Saturday, January 10, 2009

Church basketball is back

A few thoughts about church basketball after our first game of the season this morning.

-The bad thing about 8 AM games is that no one answers their cell phone when you call them at 7:45 AM on a Saturday to remind them to come.

-I love that our league is giving one point for a win and one point for good sportsmanship (both teams can get that one) to determine who advances to region play. Sports are more fun when everyone is a good sport.

-The best way to use athletic talent (at least in this setting) isn't to try to dominate the game, but to help your team.

-Basketball can be one of the quickest ways for men to bond.

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Dad said...

Matt, I've loved recently hearing and reading about your experiences with and observations relative to Church b-ball. Takes me back to my younger years when I played; it's very interesting to me to contrast what I can remember of my rather immature feelings and ideas back then, and your rather mature feelings and observations nowdays. You are such a positive and good-hearted fellow - I'm really glad you're my son-in-law!!