Sunday, July 6, 2008


I think Yellowstone is one of the most underrated national parks. I love it--all the geysers, waterfalls, rock formations, wildlife. The green mountain meadows made me realize that Utah really is a desert.

Even the human-introduced elements of the park are great. I really want to take Trish to Old Faithful Inn for one of our anniversaries. Plus, in two days we saw license plates from 46 of the 50 states. How often do you have that opportunity!?

Here Trish and I are in front of one of the falls on the Firehole River in the park last week.


laura marie said...

Cute! We should take as many sibbies that are around next summer and go!

Tim said...

what fun. yellowstone's on our lifetime destination list as well.

Ju Ju said...

We are so jelous you guys got to go there! We are in need of a fun trip like that. Can we fit in your suitcase next time?

Maria said...

I love the comment on how many states you saw license plates from. That's vintage Matt right there.