Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Matt and I have a really fun part of our relationship: because he goes on various business trips, he tries to buy me earrings each time so we can commemorate his travels as well as our relationship in a tangible way.

Here are the earrings and I have (and where they're from) so far:

San Diego (big and dangly--I really like this for a fresh and playful look)
San Diego--Matt couldn't decide between the big ones above or these small ones (I love their texture and wear them when I'm feeling relaxed)
San Francisco--Matt made these with his cousin Sandra (for a fun-siding-on-elegant look) San Francisco--Matt also made these with his cousin Sandra (I haven't figured out the best approach for these so they're a "different" mood)
Yellowstone--I helped Matt pick these out (very small, delightfully cute, and RED)
Kansas City--Matt was assured by the salesman I would love these, and I do (I love wearing these, especially when I'm feeling attractive and cultural)

Las Vegas--Matt found these at an international jewlery tradeshow; they house Mexican miniature roses (definitely for the more sophisticated and mature look)

Park City, on our honeymoon (I love the teal, although I haven't worn them much)

Park City, on our honeymoon (Matt LOVES heart jewelry, and I love to wear these for special occasions or whenever I feel feminine and pretty)


Jake&Kate said...

What a fun tradition! You'll have quite the collection in no time! Looks like you had fun in Yellowstone too, that's great!

Maria said...

I know Matt didn't get them for you . . . but what about your awesome earrings from Thailand? :-)

Tom & Shalaun said...

Sure beats getting magnets. Did you have pierced ears in high school? I'll have to pull up a picture.

Jacob, Emily, and Jason said...

Very cool, Tricia...I especially like the fact that he made the ones he brought you from San Fran. I think it's a really neat tradition that will be really fun to pass down someday. Props to Matt for his creativity!

Are you planning to go to the Grandma Johns reunion in August? We (at least Jason and I) are planning to go...Jake's got a conference in Long Beach that week and isn't sure if he'll be able to take Friday off after being gone all we'll see. But, it'll be good to see you if you're there...we need to get together and play Blockus sometime! We'd love it!

Dave Newman said...

Great camera. That is a fun entry.