Wednesday, July 9, 2008

yellowstone continued

It turns out Matt (owner of Mac) didn't have enough memory on his computer to download all our pictures, but my still-going-strong PC did. (I suppose we should consider that Matt uses his computer for work and has billions of bits of information stored on it.)

Instead of waxing eloquent, I will let you enjoy Yellowstone through our camera's eyes.


Jake&Kate said...

We've got to get Jentri one of those 1zs (I have no idea how you spell that article of baby clothing) - I would propably change it to read
(60 gig)

Daniel said...

Lilon says, . . iPood (60 gig)--Horrid and yet so appropriate. Babies can really explode. You can be in the middle of a store and suddenly be wondering, "Why am I all wet?!"

Dave Newman said...

Great camera. Great photos