Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mr. Popular

I just checked Matt's and my profile views to see which one of us is more "popular." Matt's 1,316 views squashed my 358.

I guess I'll just have to go start my own software company to compete.

Here's a photo shout-out to my popular husband--he is singing karaoke on a cruise in Russia.


Maria said...

Hm. I can tell that this picture wasn't taken with your current camera- the quality just isn't as good.

laura marie said...

Dear Tricia,
I think you are popular. I mean, think about it. Whenever you come over, it's always you that Mike runs to to ask about games. Also, do I say the exact same things that Matt does? Nope. There you go.
p.s. I remember Matt telling me about his experience. It greatly amuses me that he did that. We should get some karaoke at the reunion this year.

Tom & Shalaun said...

I just viewed your profile to boost your rating. This should make you feel good--I think I have about 30 views. You are way more popular than me.