Monday, June 9, 2008

Steve Jobs

I got an email from Apple tonight announcing the new iPhone, with a link to Steve Jobs' keynote address introducing the iPhone 2.0.

Steve Jobs is known for his great powerpoints, so I thought I would take a peak. I started watching, then Tricia who was sitting next to me actually doing something useful with her time, set it aside and snuggled into me to watch Steve's presentation.

After a couple of minutes I realized that presentation was longer than I had anticipated, so I closed the web browser, not without hesitation. Tricia emitted a feeling next to me, which I interpreted as feeling like I was a bit insensitive just to shut it off since she was watching.

We then came to ourselves and laughed a little. Neither one of us owns an iPhone and probably won't for years. Why on earth did we feel like it was hard to pull ourselves from watching what was basically a commercial?

I can think of two reasons. First, we're a little bit nerdy. (I actually would love one of those new iPhones with a GPS). Second, that's the power of a good presentation. If you've never seen Steve Jobs give a keynote, take a look.

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Rebecca said...

Nice to have shared hobbies.