Wednesday, February 17, 2010

yes, I am alive

But no, I haven't showered yet. However, I did make the bed.

Today officially marks 21 days of life for the little man (Henry). He and I are still getting to know each other. This is what I can tell you about him:
  • He likes music. All kinds. He loves to R and R while Matt plays the piano--and he'll calm down to anything from Debussy to Chopin.
  • He's a thinker. During his quiet-awake moments, his eyes are big and deep. I can't wait for him to be able to give me some commentary on what is going through his little head.
  • He is strong. When not in a tired state, he will push against you and try to hold his head up to catch what's going on around him. And he's tried crawling while on his tummy.
  • He likes to eat. He's averaging half a pound a week. (Plus a bit more.)
Motherhood is an adjustment for me. I have never had a dependent little person have my undivided attention for an entire 24-hour period. For days and weeks in a row. It is oh-so tiring, but at the same time, it is oh-so intimate. We're fast becoming best buddies. And Mom (that's me!) will be an even better buddy once the feeding schedule slows down.

Here's to another three weeks of adventure and discovery!


Anonymous said...

Love the Picture! I think he looks like Matt when he was a baby... in this picture anyway.

Rachel said...

Oh, that photo of Henry is adorable! My tip after three little boys: don't listen to the "rules" about not holding them too much or letting them cry......rules are over rated. Enjoy the tininess while it lasts: wrap him up like a little taco and let him sleep on your chest so you can smell his hair while he's drooling. This time goes way too fast so let the dishes and laundry take a back seat and just enjoy the little guy.

Becca said...

Yeay for Henry (cute name btw)! Congratulations! It (being a mom) definitely takes adjusting and learning, but you are very qualified. And good for you for doing the cloth diapers. I keep telling myself to get some (I have a few already), but I am nervous to get started, especially since I care for two other children during the day...

Lots of rest while you can. And when you want some advice to help Henry get on a sleeping routine, let me know? :)

Dad said...

Wow, what a picture of the little man! I wonder what he's thinking? Trish, you're doing fabulously well; keep it up! You and Matt are wonderful parents for this very choice little guy - but he's already growing up too fast. I must get down to see him!

Love the picture of he and Matt at the piano. How very interesting and inspiring about how he responds to live piano music from Mom and Dad.

Papa Newman

The Farrers said...

I'm so glad that you're discovering that motherhood is defined individually! When Melia was born, I was disappointed in myself for not being the "perfect mormon mom" like the women that I was surrounded by, but I soon realized that what was ideal shouldn't be compared to elements outside of the home, but inside it. So I re-defined motherhood in a way that was best for myself and my baby. :)

Good luck!

Birrell Family said...

I found you guys! How cool to get such a simple blog address that even I can remember :)

I will regularly see what your family is up to. Henry is adorable! You will be so happy you are blogging your life together.

Kari Jo said...

You two buddies are so fun to be around! Thanks for letting me come and see you, Matt, and Henry on his one month birthday!

Maria said...

Trish, this is interesting to me. After staring at this picture of Henry for a bit, I suddenly decided that he does have similar features to yours- especially around the eyes. I never picked up on that before.