Monday, February 15, 2010

Dinner and pictures

Household chores have been reassigned at our home since Henry's birth. While I am a slow learner at doing laundry (I always forget which special buttons to press for darks, whites, or diapers), I've actually had fun taking over head chef duties. In the past week, we've had portobello mushroom quesadillas, broccoflower curry soup, and tonight, grilled chicken sandwiches with spicy avocado sauce and oven fries. Strangely, I picked all these recipes because they seemed "simple," but I've been rather late each time getting dinner on the table. Tonight, as we talked about that, Tricia reminded me that right after we got married, she had excitedly made fancy dinners each night of the week until we both realized how much time food prep was taking and decided to scale back a bit. I think I'll be doing the same now.

Here's a few pictures:

1. Tonight's dinner.

2. Henry's cloth diapers being washed.

3. Grandparents Newman vying for Henry's attention.

4. With Uncle Michael.

5. With Grandparents Sederberg.

6. First walk around the neighborhood with Dad.

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Why don't you save some in the soiled state? Keep the memories alive!