Sunday, February 14, 2010

Going back to church

Today I went to our ward's sacrament meeting for the first time since Henry was born. I feel like my reasons for not going the past two weeks were valid (the first week being completely overwhelmed with a newborn just home from the hospital and needing round-the-clock supervision as he was under a bank of lights, and the second week staying home with Henry so Tricia could go to church). However, even though I had good excuses, I still really missed being there.

So during church today, I found myself reading Moroni 6:4-5, which talks about why the ancient Saints met together often: they met both to worship Christ and to show concern for the welfare of each other's souls. As I read that, I understood one reason why regular Sunday worship so valuable: it helps us fulfill the first and second commandments--to love God, and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

As I looked around the congregation, I saw kids of all ages and looked forward to being able to bring Henry! We're waiting just a couple more weeks to avoid RSV...


Tom Finnigan said...

One thing that's nice about living in Utah is that it's not that hard to find another nearby sacrament meeting at another time. That's what Jessica and I normally did, just take turns attending the home ward for a while.

Matt said...

Good point -- that's actually what we're doing, too. Yesterday was just my first turn to go to the home ward.