Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tricia's tag

FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES: A pair of black Born sandals; it's getting that time of year!

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Read the scriptures more. I can't say I've increased my study, but I've definitely been more consistent.

WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW: The "whir" of my laptop (I usually like to work in silence and the listen to music while I eat lunch or clean).

IF YOU HAD $200 TO SPEND ON YOURSELF WHAT WOULD IT BE: Something practical like an external hard drive so I could make a back-up of all my documents and re-install Windows (I am already on the Mac bandwagon for our next computer purchase).

RANDOM THOUGHT: At what point in the spring do crocuses stop blooming?

FAVORITE PLACE TO GO IN THE CITY YOU LIVE IN: Outside of home, I really like the museum and walking around the neighborhoods. They have a lot of distinct flavor to them.

THE BOOK YOU ARE READING: The Lord's Way by Dallin H. Oaks (with Matt) and the autobiography of Jacques Lusseyran, a blind Frenchman who helped with the underground efforts during World War II. I am fascinated by this book because Jacques became blind at the age of 8 or 10 when a kid behind him got ancy to get out the door and pushed him down. Jacques' face hit the corner of a desk, and his glasses penetrated deep into his right eye. It was such a violent intrusion that the left eye was ruined as well. Jacques does not describe the incident with ANY hint of blame or anger toward the boy hurrying out the door. Rather, he focuses entirely on all the advantages his new situation brought him. I would love to follow this example better in my own life.

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