Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Favorite Board Game

Tricia and I took a great trip up to Idaho last weekend to visit relatives and meet our new cousin Eric.

What I didn't know was that I would discover a new favorite board game: Blokus.

If you like Tetris, 4-Player chess, and chinese checkers, this is the game for you.

Thanks, Curtis and Karla.

The game.

Family fun for all ages.

One night, after Blockus, Curtis and Tricia teamed up to put together a bookcase for Grandma. They were a great combination of nice, controlled hammering and enthusiastic whacking.

Welcoming the new cousin.


Dave Newman said...

Great camera

Shakespear Family said...

Tricia I will have to try this new game. Just so you know my baby Rex. Had to same newborn outfit as your cousin!

Lilon said...

I think Blockus is really fun. My parents have it.

Also, I love the picture of Tricia and Eric, very cute.

Maria said...

I like that Dave is constantly delighted by your camera. :-) And also the way you captured Tricia and Curtis engaged in such different hammering techniques is great.

Jacob, Emily, and Jason said...

WE LOVE BLOCKUS!! And--we just happen to own it, so whenever you guys are up for a game...we'd love to have you over to play! Just let us know when you're free!

Christy said...

So have you ever played the version of Blockus that actually uses triangles rather than squares? I can't remember what it is called, but I recently played it. And it was way fun! I hear it is more challenging than Blockus!

Brando said...

So do you guys own this game?

Matthew Sederberg said...

We don't own it....yet.

Emily said...

I, too, LOVE this game. I got addicted over Christmas at my parents' house and couldn't play it enough. It is awesome! I sure wish we owned it.