Thursday, January 10, 2008

catching up

Here is a hit-and-miss review of the holidays and last week:

New camera!
We got a new camera for Christmas! (Thanks, Dave.) It is a Canon SD750 ELPH. Small and powerful. Now all our blog readers get to enjoy visual representations of our activities.

Matt and I cleaned out and organized his parents' kitchen as part of our Christmas to them. The project took a little over 11 hours (over two days) and resulted in about three empty cabinets.

Whole wheat what?
Crepes. That's right, whole-wheat crepes. I surprised Matt one Sunday morning with these tasty (and healthy) little guys., Springville
We have gotten so much snow lately, we are confused where we live. I thought it was places like Bountiful (where I grew up) that got dumped on. Yesterday, snow fell steadily for about 6 hours, creating 6 inches of the fluffy stuff to be shoveled off the driveway. It does look beautiful, though.

Pizza, Pizza
I tried out a pizza recipe book I got for my birthday (in November) and made home-made pizza. I've never "proofed" yeast, so I wasn't sure how long I had to wait for the sugar-yeast-warm-water mixture to get foamy. I was getting worried it wasn't working, so I proofed more yeast. And then some more. They all--in due time--got foamy, so I made three batches of pizza dough. We have yet to make a pizza out of the last batch. How long does pizza dough last in the refrigerator?
What new shoes can do for you
Last Saturday, Matt and I braved the ugly weather to get Matt some new basketball shoes. ($55 from Famous Footwear) That night he had a double-header to start off the church basketball season. Of the 40 points scored in the first game by his team, Matt scored 20. He said that although the b-ball shoes were heavier than cross-trainers, they gave him the needed support to "stop, turn, and shoot." (I'll have to work on finding the "action' function on the camera so the pictures aren't fuzzy.)

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The Clement Clan's Wife said...

tricia! what ward are you in now? that picture of your hubby playing basketball looks remarkably like our ward building! We were in the BYU 174th ward! Anyways, good to see you guys are going well!