Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Trish, I'll go ahead and finish this off for us:

V: Violet. Trish, isn't that one of our favorite colors?

W: Warren Sederberg, my grandpa. Some people know a little about a lot, my grandpa knows a lot about a lot. I love talking with him.

X: C "X" O. One of my coworkers likes to joke that if we gave him a title, he would choose Chief eXtreme Officer, CXO. I've learned a lot from this coworker, Tom Finnigan, both about computers and life.

Y: Yellowstone. Can the country's first national park also be one of the most underrated? Yellowstone is amazing, from wildlife sightings, to geyser walks, to raging waterfalls, to seeing the new, strong growth emerging from the devastating fires of the 1990s, to the venerable Old Faithful Lodge. I'd hoped to take Tricia here for our honeymoon, but hopefully we can go together soon.

Z: Zim's crafts in Salt Lake City. Every time my siblings and I played the alphabet game to pass the time on trips to points north, we always knew we could bag a hard-to-find "Z" when we passed the big Zim's sign by the freeway.

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