Monday, November 19, 2007


G: Google...and google skills. It's amazing what you can find and learn about using a computer and the internet.

H: Husband. My husband shows me he loves me through his words and actions--every day, all day. I love him.

I: "Ignominious." It is a fascinating word. Fascinating. We are grateful for the richness of language.

J: Jesus Christ. He is the whole reason and purpose for our existence.

K: Knowledge. Matt and I thoroughly enjoy opportunities to learn about and experience new things.

L: Love, meaning the deep, sincere love described as charity in the scriptures.

M: Moms. We both have moms that are GREAT! We are so grateful for what they've taught us and how they continue to support us.

N: Newspapers. We like that feeling of connection with the world.

O: Optimism. What better way to confront life's challenges?

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