Thursday, January 14, 2010

simple pleasures

Pondering about and praying for those in Haiti has helped open my eyes to the simple nuances of our lives. What I have enjoyed today:
  • mandarin mango handsoap
  • a magpie on our fence
  • a clean kitchen
  • scanning pictures from my courtship with Matt--I love that man!
  • a healthy, kicking baby in my tummy
These simplicities help my heart feel tender.

God bless those in Haiti to feel peace in the face of such devastation and destruction.


Rachel said...

Matt & Tricia, I have been checking your blog often for the past month waiting for the announcement that you've had your baby. Hope that everything goes well Tricia's delivery and that little Henry arrives safely and healthy.

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Hey Tricia,

What a great induction project!

First off, what kind of circular pattern are you sewing? Are you just doing it free-hand or is it a pre-programmed stitch?

Second, I think I know why your stitches look crazy on the back. This is because your tension is getting messed up. Even when you are using a darning foot, the presser foot must remain down, or else the tension goes crazy, and that is why you are getting the spider web look on the back (at least that's what mine looks like).

Try lowering your presser foot and see if that helps.

Also, I have noticed when I am quilting, I actually like to leave my feed dogs up, though I know you are supposed to drop them when using the darning foot. It hasn't been a problem for me, though. Because the darning foot releases with each stitch, I haven't had any problems with mobility.

The other problem that I have had, especially with circles, is that I move the fabric too fast, and stitch too fast at the same time. This causes your stitches on the bottom to pull and create crazy patterns as well. After slowing down, I greatly minimized this problem.

Does that help?

Let me know if you have any further questions!

Good luck and we can't wait for Henry to make his grand debut!