Sunday, January 31, 2010

Home from the hospital

About 40 hours after Henry was born, the nurse came into our hospital room and told us that the doctor said we were free to go home; both Henry and his mom were looking fine. This news was both exciting and a bit nerve-racking. We still seemed to have so many questions, and it had been so nice to be able to just pop my head out of the door and ask a nurse for advice. But, we were looking forward to the added privacy, space, and meal options at home, so we bravely dressed Henry in his coming-home outfit, strapped him into his car seat (the nurses helped his straps get so snug that it looked like he was in secure enough to be in a spaceship), and took him outside for the very first time to get in the car for the short drive home.

I'd like to say that Henry likes his home and bedroom, but the truth is that at his age he can't really focus his eyes on anything. He does seem to be a pretty calm, peaceful kid, though.

Once he got home, Henry's bilirubin count tested a bit high, so the doctor's office sent out little bright light unit that Henry is to spend as much time as possible in. Gratefully, Henry's Nana (Tricia's mom) offered to stay with us for a few days, so she or I are constantly in the room with him when he's sunbathing. The problem is that when he squirms around, the eye shades shift and no longer shelter his eyes from the bright light, so we need to regularly reposition them. We've discovered that putting a hat on his head helps a lot in keeping them in position.

In any case, my time on Henry duty has given me unexpected waking hours in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, they aren't the most coherent hours, but it's nice to have time to read, post blog articles, and just spend time watching our little son and admiring his functioning body. I have always looked forward to being a dad, but it's something else to actually be given the chance to be one. I've been surprised that changing diapers really isn't as bad as I had feared--it's Tricia's job to feed him, and my job to change his diapers. I'm always thrilled when I check his diaper and it needs to be changed, since that means his body is working correctly. Also, hearing Henry cry is not upsetting to me. At this point of his life, crying shows good communication skills, and it's a (sometimes challenging) detective game to figure out which response (change diaper, feed, burp, swaddle, cuddle) he'd like.

We are very grateful to our Heavenly Father for sending Henry to our family.


laura marie said...

Awww. Matt, you are such an awesome dad! You and Trish are going to be the best parents ever.

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! I can tell you love being a dad, and your a wonderful one to!It was fun to see him on skype. Can't wait to meet him in person!

Erik & Jenn said...

Congrats guys! I am so happy for your new arrival. He is sooooo cute! You two are gonna be the best parents.

Emily said...

You guys--he is so adorable! I love his little face in his coming home outfit! How fun! Let us know if you need anything...the first little while can be an adjustment! :) You'll do great as parents, though...this I know for a FACT! Warmest wishes!

Kari Jo said...

I can only imagine how great it is to be Henry's parents, cause being an Auntie is pretty awesome! Thanks for letting me come in to help out and spend some time with the growing Sederberg family--it has been so much fun! I'm glad that