Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I have lately been enjoying differences between Matt and me. Here are a few:
  • Matt starts writing an "s" by starting at the bottom. I start at the top.
  • Matt faces the water when taking a shower. I turn my back on it.
  • Matt swears by Macs. I prefer a PC. (Although, I admit that I am one day away from purchasing a Mac. My preferable PCs don't last past three years, while Matt's Mac is going on five. The cost savings are just too darn convincing.)
  • Matt likes to stretch before doing exercise. I always prefer stretching afterward.
  • Matt maintains order by throwing away (stuffing in the closet). I indulge in saving and organizing. (Okay, so I indulge in organizing--I do think I save too many things that just aren't that necessary.)
  • Matt actually likes the crawl space in our house. I pile up stuff outside of it for him to put in it, since I don't necessarily enjoy "crawling" around in our storage room.


laura marie said...

Hey! Our dad does his s from bottom to top as well. Hmm. I wonder how the other kids do it...

Anonymous said...

ahahah Tim and I both do top to bottom.

Maria said...

My favorite thing about this post? It reads just like an entry from Grandpa Clark's biography.