Friday, March 13, 2009

remembering chemistry

My sister-in-law pointed out (to my embarrassment) that in my last post, I made a small mistake. CO2 is, by current word and science standards, referred to as carbon dioxide. (You know, the "2" makes it "di.") No, our fire alarm does not have a CO2 monitor. I am sure our plants wouldn't mind a monitor to make sure they're getting enough CO2 to do their photosynthesis thing, but what I was actually referring to was CO, or carbon monoxide.

Ah, chemistry. I have, yet again, been reminded how one oxygen molecule can make such a difference.


Maria said...

heh. Okay, that does make more sense.

Dan said...

Maybe that is why it kept beeping. It was alerting you to all the CO2 in your home. Hooray for plants!