Thursday, May 29, 2008

a post of a long-ago post

"Spent the morning on chores--straightening the house, washing, and tending Quey. He is quite unhappy with the cast and with crawling. Ironed in the afternoon, so finished the day with a very tired and aching body."

That is the entry my grandma made on May 29, 1953. She was raising three kids at the time and was five-months pregnant with child number four. (She eventually had eight kids.) I have been reading some of her journals and have been fascinated to compare her daily routine with my current daily life. Her short lines from each day paint a picture of endless work (cleaning, straightening, ironing, washing, doing dishes, baking bread) and various church meetings (Sunday school, primary, MIA, relief society). My days include cleaning, cooking, and doing dishes (since we don't have a dishwasher), but I am more free to do many other activities: post on my blog, write in my journal, finish my mission album, read books, do crafts, garden outside, play the piano and guitar, and make a blanket. Her record makes me grateful for the free time I currently have.

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Rebecca said...

Enjoy the free time while it lasts. :)

Love your new heading pic and Tricia's haircut. Very mod.