Thursday, May 1, 2008

inspired by spring

I don't recall ever paying so much attention to the beauties of spring. I have watched with fascination as dead things have come to life: tulips shooting up, trees blossoming, and weeds growing (all too abundantly). My neighbor girls gave me a gift of a bunch of flowers from the tree in our front yard, and it gave me the idea to make a bouquet of the blossoming branches. I love them against the red vase that my husband and I recently purchased at Ace Hardware.

I can't decide if I should cut off the green leaves? I find the white against the red stunning, but the leaves add some playfulness that I kind of like. Let me know what you think.


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Hi Tricia!

Just a quick tip...I know that on flowering woody stems, such as lilacs and dogwoods, leaving the leaves lets the stem focus on the leaves rather than the blooms, making the blooms fade faster.

Congrats on finishing your grading for the semester!

We can't wait to see you guys again!

Maria said...

Wow, great camera! That really is a beautiful combination. I must say, I do like the green in with the white, regardless of faster fading time. One thing I would say though is to be sure that there aren't any leaves or blossoms submerged in the water, since that will make them rot a lot faster.

Brando said...

I think those blossoms all came off my tree, and blew all the way up there.

I ride my bike past every day, so maybe they followed me.

Matthew Sederberg said...

Brandon, you bike past our house every day? Why don't you come in and say hi?

Brando said...

yes, I know, that is bad... I don't know where you live.