Monday, April 7, 2008

I heart Reams

I like living half a mile from a grocery store.

This means that in a pinch, I can run to the store for my morning run and run back carrying a jug of milk so I can have cereal for breakfast. That extra 8.6 lbs provides both a good workout and an incentive to keep my weight down.

Last weekend, I had a slightly longer grocery list. To keep things interesting, I brought along our nice, great camera. Going grocery shopping at Reams makes me happy.

1. Here's the outside of the store. Notice the old fashioned ads: Magic Marker on butcher paper announcing a sale on potatoes.

2. Strawberries on sale. Tricia loves strawberries.

3. Produce at Reams is both cheap, good, and plentiful.

4. I was sure I'd meet someone I knew here, and I did. This is my great home teaching companion Craig and his mom and niece.

5. This friendly employee helped me find the chicken broth (of course, in the soup aisle!). He was pretty excited when I told him about my blog and said that the store management would love to talk with me. Maybe I'll interview them later.


Dave Newman said...

Nice camera. No, great camera.

Maria said...

I'm glad you have such a great camera so I could really see the quality of the produce.

Dad said...

"Produce at Reams is both cheap, good and plentiful."

How did that one slip past your excellent editor, Matt? ;-)

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Matthew Sederberg said...

Uh, Trish, is it "both" that I can use this way, or "between?"