Thursday, December 17, 2009

turning a house into a home

Matt and I closed on our first house on November 7, 2009, two days before Matt had two solid weeks of business travel to Seattle and Europe. Here is what we fell in love with:

Yes, those are cabbages in front by the tree. Pretty cool, huh?

We moved in on Saturday, November 21, two days before my 29th birthday. What a whirlwind. Here is what it looked like the first day we moved in:

We hope to post more about how we are slowly turning our house into a home.

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MEL said...

Matt & Tricia,
That is sooo cool! Isn't it fun to set up your house? And Tricia, I am extremely impressed at your cleaning job--apparently the nesting instinct hit you MUCH harder than it ever hit me. ;) Hope you're enjoying it all!