Thursday, September 17, 2009

fun project

Matt's nephew, Ike, turns five years old today! We sent off a (late) letter with a surprise game inside:
We made a memory card game with 20 two-by-two-inch cards on which we drew pictures, letters, and numbers relevant to Ike and his birthday. For instance, he loves cowboy boots. (See my attempt at matching cowboy boots above.) Matt helped include more "educational" cards with the number 5 (for how old Ike turned), the letters M and T (for Ike's siblings), and the number 17 (for Ike's birthday). 

Unfortunately, our markers bled through, so this morning I cut up some "Happy Birthday" paper and attached it to the back of the cards. (Ike is definitely smart enough to figure out how to game the system by noticing bleed-through marks.) I'm just hoping the paper is random enough that he doesn't start memorizing patterns that go together.

All in all, it was a very fun project--and made us more excited for the arrival of our own little boy.


The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Very fun idea for me, especially since all my family live far away. It would be great to talk to you sometime. I am really excited for you (in regards to having a baby boy.) Congrats again!

Angi said...

"Matt's nephew"? You don't claim him?!