Wednesday, May 6, 2009

thinking half full

I have my problems, for sure, but they are small--so very, very small. And when I compare them against my opportunities, they are puny. Here are some glass-half-full notes:
  • I have time and opportunity to create. Cards, essays, poems, food, organized piles. Being able to create is a powerful tool.
  • I can read. I have books upon books upon books that I have read and piles upon piles that I have yet to read. Besides that, I can read maps, traffic signs, warnings, and care labels. And I can read God's word.
  • I have music. I can listen to music and create music (with guitar, piano, organ, or voice) to suit (or change) any mood.
  • I have dirt. I am a better person for having a spot of ground that is my responsibility to care for. The growth of plants is a miracle.
  • I have an interested mind. Yesterday I heard a new idea that has me thinking. The idea is that adults should be drawing as much as kids are encouraged to do in grade school. Just because you're not good doesn't mean you should stop. (Think adults playing basketball.) Wouldn't it be interesting to have a whole wall be painted in chalkboard paint so you could have an ever-changing mural, contributed to by family and guests alike? Lovely idea.

What are you own half-full notes?


emily, etc, etc said...

Hi Tricia - I got my shirt at Downeast. It is maternity, but they also sell the same shirts in non-maternity. Good luck...

Maria said...

Hey! I've always thought that I would love to have a chalkboard wall in a playroom in my house for my kids to draw on. I guess great minds think alike.