Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Let me introduce you to Bessie. But first, let me explain a bit about my work situation. As an adjunct professor, I work in my home and my home is a split-level duplex. My office is on the bottom floor, with a big window that looks out over the carport and street (in the picture below).

During the winter months, our carport is empty after Matt leaves for work. And as the days get warmer, our duplex neighbor girls (ages 8, 6, and 4) start playing outside. And they seem to find our carport an especially interesting place for riding bikes, scooters, and such.

Bessie, the youngest (pictured below), rode her scooter in the carport today, and we had various 10-second conversations through the window about babysitters and rain and flowers and coats. Sometimes, when I'm especially busy, I don't welcome these conversations as much. But today I welcomed the child-like simplicity of our thoughts and ideas.

Nothing like being reminded of life's simplicity.

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