Monday, December 8, 2008

recent adventures

In shape
To get fit during the winter months, I've taken up step aerobics inside our home. Here I am working out my own routine in our basement. (Not a lot of space, but enough to do the necessary moves.)

We put up lights to celebrate Christmas. Matt was very brave to wander up on our roof.

The artist at work
For a recent mass card-producing activity, I pulled out almost all of my mediums and tried various ideas before settling on a white crayon snowflake on red paper, highlighted with lines of silver glitter.

Christmas Devotional
We were inspired and enriched at the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.

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The Jeff Bylund Family said...

Ohhh card making. Do you remember when I would make cards at state parks? Those were the days. I agree with you about the Christmas tree thing... well said. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!