Monday, September 8, 2008

366 days

One year ago, today, a pretty, spunky, and charming woman chose to become the newest Sederberg in the United States of America.

If Sederbergs were a species, we would certainly have protected status here, as there were only 189 Sederbergs in the whole country in 2000, according to the US census.

Trish, thanks for adding one more to the total, one year ago today. We need all the strength we can get!

And yes, just like we had our reception the day before our wedding, I pushed to eat our frozen wedding cake last night, the day before our anniversary. I couldn't wait--I had been looking forward to eating that delicious chocolate stuff for weeks!

@Curtis--I checked, and yes, there are still four Tupperware containers of reception slush in my parents' freezer.


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Congratulations! And I am so impressed that you still had part of your wedding cake to celebrate with...I think Daniel ate all of the left over cake within two weeks of our wedding!

BBC said...

ooo! happy anniversary! sounds like you had a fun night celebrating!

Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

Congratulations Matt and Trish. Isn't being married just wonderful. People always told me the first year was hard then it gets better every year after that. I have found to be half right--that the first year was great and each year does get better. May all your years in the future be better than the previous!
Daniel (the last one was from Katie--and in my defense, how could I pass up cake like that?)

Rebecca said...

Happy anniversary!

Jacob, Emily, and Jason said...

Happy 1st Anniversary!! They just get better and better! Congratulations! You're a great couple!

Jake&Kate said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, that went by fast! That's exciting!! Congrats!

Deborah said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I cannot believe it has been a year since we got your invitation in the mail. Here's to many more...years and Sederbergs.

Aaron and Deborah Baker (and Co.)