Thursday, August 21, 2008


It occurred to me the other day that a fundamental practice I have employed for almost 20 years was first introduced to me by someone whose face I can't remember and whose name I never knew. When I was about 10 (and had recently taken an interest in making my teeth feel smooth), a dental hygienist suggested a practice for thorough teeth-cleaning: count to four for each area you're brushing.

Since that day I have mentally divided the teeth portion of my mouth into 18 sections that each get four seconds of teeth-brushing attention at least twice a day. Since that day I have also added a soft-bristled toothbrush, a circular brushing technique with the bristles pointed toward the gums, and the "extend-your-life-by-a-few-years-and-don't-die-of-heart-disease" practice of daily flossing.

The influence of this lady who I don't know and can't remember has been quite impactful. It has made me wonder about other people whose influence is ingrained in my daily routine--but whose face and name I don't know or remember. Can you think of an example in your own life?


Daniel and Kate Johnson said...

I am not here to talk about someone who has influenced me in my life, although it is something I am excited to reminisce a little about it over the next few days. I am here to put my stamp of approval on your zest for dental hygiene. Kudos and keep it up!

Rachel said...

My husband would be SO HAPPY to read this post (he's an orthodontist so he's obsessed with teeth).

I just found your blog through Matt's facebook profile and am having fun reading about what you guys have been up to!