Monday, February 4, 2008

what old shoes can do for you

In a previous post, I acclaimed Matt's new shoes for helping him score half the points at one of our ward's basketball games. Today, I acclaim the value of an old pair of Nike cross-trainers I had retired about 7 years ago. Please admire them below:

The Story
On Sunday, Matt and I worked to pack--he for a trip to DC and I for a trip home to the parents' house. We were pushing to leave on time, but ended up rushing to be barely "on time." We made it to the airport late, but he still got to his plane on time, so all was well on his end.

Meanwhile, I realized upon arrival at my parents' house that I had forgotten my make-up. My mom let me use hers (she has some nice stuff), and I was ready to declare make-up as the only item I had forgotten.

Until I got out my computer this morning. I was prepared with more than enough material to be serious about getting prepared for teaching my class Tuesday night. When what to my wondering eyes should NOT appear, but a miniature computer cord. You know, the one that plugs into the wall? The adapter? The POWER, or BATTERY, of the computer? I raced to put my material on a jump drive before my computer happily went into hibernation. The tally was then two--two items I had forgotten.

This afternoon, I was getting ready to go play some tennis with my mom. And I realized I had forgotten my tennis shoes. Item number three on the "forgotten" list. Of all the things to forget--I could have forgotten my socks, my tennis shorts, and even my racquet, and my mom would have been able to cover for me. But she had to be creative about solving the shoe problem. She rummaged through some old shoes and found the above-pictured Nike beauties that still had enough traction to prevent me from sliding on a hard tennis court. They worked beautifully! It turns I lost to my mom (6-3), but I did tie her in tug-of-war before our time on the court was up.

So, before throwing away those old tennis runners, stash them away for when your memory gets distracted.

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Camille said...


Just wanted to let you know you weren't the only one who forgot things on their trip this week. Matt was prepared to run around the Washington Monument in his work pants since he forgot his workout clothes. I, of course, refused to let him for fear he would embarass himself in front of some important D.C. official.

Camille and I are really enjoying your blog. Hope you were able to find ours!

Mike and Camille